It’s ok if you don’t enjoy pregnancy

You are grateful to be carrying a life but the pregnancy experience is tough on you? You're not alone!

It’s ok if you don’t enjoy being pregnant.

Yes I may be writing this for myself right now (hello third trimester), but I also see way too often comments criticizing a pregnant person who will voice their dislike for being pregnant. Our society has to realize that making a baby is not a walk in the park for everyone and that even though you might be extremely grateful to be able to carry life, you might hate the process of being pregnant.

And that’s. O. K.

I also see that people don’t know how hard pregnancy can be. We hear about all the amazing things that happen and how magical it is, but do we ever hear about the hemorrhoids that may come along the journey? Mostly, no.

This contributes to the pregnant person feeling alone in their struggle with pregnancy because we think that most people love it and have it easy. The truth is, and I see this with most friends and clients, the majority of pregnant people find pregnancy really, really hard, and they are scared to talk about it. It should not be like that.

Let’s normalize talking about our journeys openly and sharing the ups and downs with our peers. There is no need to sugar coat it, every experience is so different that sharing your own can be freeing for you and also educate our society. There more we do it, the more the next person after us won’t have unrealistic expectations of pregnancy.

I wanted to add a little note to the folks that might have had a really hard time conceiving their child, or that might have suffered a loss or multiple losses: even if being pregnant is what you have been praying and wishing for forever, you are STILL allowed to struggle with the experience. This does not make you a bad parent in any way.

Much love!


Doula Gatineau Kaella


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