Trust your baby. Trust your body.

Birth and postpartum doula in Gatineau, servicing Outaouais and Ottawa. Childbirth education offered virtually and locally. 

Why hire a doula?

Reduction in C-section
1 %
Reduction in pain medication requests
1 %
Reduction in forceps deliveries
1 %
Shorter Labor
0 %

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Doula Gatineau Kaella

Why hire me?

Find out why you should hire this Gatineau doula to support you and your family prenatally, during birth and postpartum.

Doula Gatineau Kaella

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MANIFESTO of the human births movement

To all those who wish to participate in the establishment of a new vision of human births as well as the establishment of the new paradigm of births. This is a call to all for a return to powerful births.

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